Nurse Intervention when you need it most

SX DIRECT is our direct solution to lowering claim costs specifically related to surgery. Our team recognizes the need to improve surgical outcomes while developing a specific oversight program to manage requests for post-op evaluation or clearance. We are dedicated in providing surgery education to our patients while evaluating their needs both pre and post-operation. Our SX DIRECT team will oversee the surgical process and communicate timely all key milestones and/or barriers to help reduce the costs associated with surgery.



Advocacy and education encourages injured worker’s participation and recovery
Reduces inpatient stay and post-surgical complications
Focuses on pre- and post-surgical medication treatment plan while reducing risk
Coordinates necessary services to expedite recovery, reduce disability duration and support an earlier return to work
Reduces overall medical cost and claim duration

An intervention saved over $20,000 in claim settlement costs – ROI $1 : $24


Benefits of SX DIRECT

Enhances injured worker satisfaction through a process that can be overwhelming
Improves network utilization for all surgical needs and obtains medical clearance
Promotes timely communication with the adjuster at key milestones in the process

An intervention prevented further surgeries and potential death